C.J. Box with Merlin at Merlin's Hide Out
Merlin and C.J. Box

We had the privilege to have author C. J. Box – #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-four novels including the Joe Pickett series – stopped by our showroom. He was with the WY Office of Tourism Board of Directors.

Merlin gave the board a tour of our facility and explained the process of tanning and the personal craftsmanship that goes into each one of our custom made pieces.

The next day, C.J. Box came back and purchased one of our handpicked buffalo hides to go into his office. Who knows, maybe one day Joe Pickett will be wearing a buffalo fur coat from Merlin’s Hide Out!

2 thoughts on “C.J. Box Visits Merlin’s Hide Out

  1. Fr. Russ Carmichael says:

    Received my Buffalo hide well worth the 1200 plus we paid, love it. I am buying another for one of my longtime workers as a gift. He has not stopped raving about the hide since it arrived. As an old trapper while in Arizona for 22 years, I had a past hide years ago, that I loved. It got lost in moving back East. Again thank you so much for the quality work you folks do.

  2. Lavinia Seide says:

    I love my skunk pelt tube. It sits darn pretty on the back of the chair.
    The fur is very soft, nicely glazed,and very uniform. I never touched a skunk before, who could ever get close enough to one? I just saw 2 coyotes roaming along the brooks’ edge.L@@KS Like they had new markings on either flank,$$$! I love WY.!
    VT has a few buffalo farms too I will have to ask about the hides.
    Enjoy the day,

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