C.J. Box Visits Merlin’s Hide Out

C.J. Box with Merlin at Merlin's Hide Out

We had the privilege to have author C. J. Box – #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-four novels including the Joe Pickett series – stopped by our showroom. He was with the WY Office of Tourism Board of Directors. Merlin gave the board a tour of our facility and explained the process of tanning and […]

Authentic American Buffalo Hides

Brown buffalo wool and fur. Soft and plush.

The fur trade started in the 1500’s and continues to this day. With 90% of the fur trade now being done overseas, we have chosen to do our fur trading here in good old USA. For instance let take our buffalo robes. Wikipedia defines buffalo robe as: A buffalo robe is a cured buffalo hide, with the […]