There’s no denying that the natural world is pretty impressive. Soaring mountains, great plains, serene forests, there’s an incredible amount of charm to the great outdoors. But you don’t have to step outside to enjoy nature. You can add a slice of the outdoors to your home too. 

Rustic accessories are a brilliant way to add a more down-to-earth feel to your home. They help bring the outside world indoors, offer a fantastic opportunity to tailor your home to your location, and make it somewhere truly personal and unique to you.

Rustic accessories sometimes conjure up images of hard-wearing, outdoorsy type products, and this is definitely a vibe you can capture…but they can be comfortable and cozy just as easily! 

We’ve handpicked 4 of the best accessories that can bring a warm, rustic feel to your interior decor.

Blankets and throws

A Red Fox Fur Blanket or Throw brings warmth and color to a room.

Blankets and throws can offer a great combination of comfort and practicality and are an incredibly flexible way to change your interior design style. A fur blanket can be thrown across the back of a sofa to change the look of your living room, and also gives you something to wrap yourself up in on colder winter nights! 

A buffalo fur rug looks warm and inviting (and is perfect for bare feet), but is also surprisingly hard-wearing and durable, and can take a tremendous amount of wear.

The beauty of using blankets and throws to create and compliment an interior design style is that they can be put almost anywhere – as accents to the main decor, or as the main event themselves. 

A huge fur throw on your bed will dominate your bedroom’s character, while a smaller blanket over the back of a chair could add a subtler accent to your living room. There’s infinite variety in what you can do with them, and their versatility makes them a wonderful way to add a rustic touch to your home without any effort at all. 

Hides and furs 

This will come as no surprise, but we think that hides are one of the best rustic accessories for your home. The perfect combination of hard-wearing, versatile, traditional yet incredibly luxurious, buffalo hides are the epitome of rustic chic. 

Buffalo hides look attractive and are extremely durable, but the best thing about them is how many different uses you can find for them around your home. You can have them on your bed as a bedspread, lay them down on the floor as a rug, hang them on the wall, or just throw them over the back of a couch. Whatever your space looks like, and whatever you want to add to it, a buffalo hide is likely to be able to do the job.

When it comes to complimenting or creating a sense of an outdoorsy tradition, there’s nothing quite like a buffalo hide. It avoids the slightly in-your-face vibe of taxidermy, while still providing that authenticity and craftsmanship that is key to a rustic feel. 

And it’s not just buffalo hides that work brilliantly in the home. There are a huge range of high-quality hides that allow you to make your look perfectly bespoke, from badger and beaver to skunk, raccoon, and deerskin. Even the humble sheepskin can bring a touch of the prairie into your home.


Grand Prismatic Peace by Christina Nelson

Statement art pieces, wall hangings, and eclectic mixed-media are able to bring a rustic touch to even the most modern, minimalist home. There are an abundance of rustic-style artworks to choose from, and loads of ways to incorporate them into your interior design style.

Rustic art is all about taking inspiration from nature. It tends to be earthy, natural, and aged and has a timeless quality which brings to mind a simpler way of life. Rustic art is often made from salvaged materials – wood and old metal – or created from high-quality animal products such as hides and bones. 

Rustic art is also able to make a strong link to your location, supporting artisan crafts, and preserving cultural traditions and creativity. 

Rustic art can be incredibly functional, or purely decorative. Light fittings made from wood or cast iron will add a warm ambiance to a room, while decorated buffalo skulls or even grand paintings on treated buffalo hide will make more of a statement. 

Pillows and furnishings 

If you’re looking to make your home feel cozier there are few better ways than by adding pillows and soft furnishings. Whatever the overall style of your interior design, the right pillow or cushion cover can create a sense of warmth, comfort, and homeliness. 

Buffalo fur or cowhide throw pillows not only provide comfort and coziness, but they add a rugged, yet warm ambiance. As with throws and blankets, pillows are also endlessly versatile, able to be scattered across your bed just as easily as sitting on your couch. 

Rustic furnishings can also extend to the most minimal of decorative touches. Cow leather coasters for example are a subtle nod to a more outdoorsy style without being overwhelming, while something like a recovered wood key holder or wine rack can evoke the style and catch the eye without dominating.

There are so many ways to add a rustic touch to your home…

From animal hides and fur blankets to pillows, coasters, and artwork. We hope the thoughts above can provide a little inspiration for those of you looking to add a more natural feel to your home. Did we miss something? Let us know how you bring a rustic feel to your home!

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