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We established Merlin’s Hide Out with the goal of handcrafting high quality fur products made for every day use. We create fur garments and home décor to help keep our customers warm and comfortable for generations to come. Every hide, coat, pillow, and more are created meticulously, under the attention of Merlin.

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Merlin & Barb Heinze

Merlin’s Hide Out Through the Years

A Dream is Born

Merlin’s first project took place in a spare bedroom when he decided, in the middle of a Wyoming winter, to tan a couple of beaver hides to make a new pair of gators for himself. It was the first of many products to come.

When the number of projects grew and took over the entire room, Merlin was banished from the spare bedroom. He built the first iteration of Merlin’s Hide Out, a modest log cabin where he could tan hides and tailor garments.

The Big Decision

Word spread about the artistry and craftsmanship of Merlin’s products. With the ability to handcraft each product, it made Merlin’s products unique and one of a kind. As demand for our premium Buffalo Hides, Buffalo Fur Coats, and unique fur home decor and accessories grew, we made the decision in 2005 to make this a full time business and have never looked back.

Eventually, Merlin outgrew his original Hide Out. In order to create more production space, as well as storage, the Blue Shop was built. This second iteration of Merlin’s Hide Out served as the foundation for an ever growing business.


From the beginning Merlin’s Hide Out was comprised of three enterprises under one roof: a full service tannery, a production facility, and a retail showroom. As interest for custom products grew, we were confronted with the question of whether to cut back or expand. The answer was easy – we opened our 5,000 square foot expansion.

Hollywood Comes Calling

Courtney Hoffman, the costume designer for the Quentin Tarantino movie “The Hateful Eight” gave us a call. They needed 8 bison fur coats for actor Kurt Russell’s character John Ruth. Having handcrafted bison fur coats for many years, we were happy to create coats for the film. Since then, we have worked with several Hollywood and television productions.

Time for a Partnership

As customer demand for hand tailored products grew, we found ourselves working 24/7. We knew something needed to change. In 2021, we made the decision to lease the tannery operation to the next generation of entrepreneurs. This decision gives us the time needed to create best-in-the-industry custom handcrafted fur products.

2022 and Beyond
Our Commitment for Years to Come

Merlin’s Hide Out has been committed to handcrafted tradition since 1999 and the very first pair of fur gaiters Merlin made. We take great pride in offering only the highest quality fur and leather products, handcrafted with only materials from the USA.

There are no production lines at Merlin’s Hide Out – in fact, there is just one man and his sewing machine.

We are committed to preserving the handcrafted art of working with natural furs, sewing, and tailoring. While the rest of the world is concerned with shortcuts and quick production, we will always focus on high quality, incredible durability, and craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is the core of our business. Guaranteed.

Featured on Today’s Wild West

Thanks to Mark Bedor for stopping by to talk with us and featuring our store on Today’s Wild West.

Published 05/13/2019 at Today’s Wild West YouTube. Shared with permission.