Natural fur products will last for generations to come with proper care and storage. We often get questions from our customers about storing these beautiful products. Here are some tips for storing your treasured fur coats and jackets, and rugs or hides.

How to Store Natural Fur Coats, Jackets, and Clothing

Buffalo Fur Coat (Full Front View)

Storing natural fur garments like coats, jackets, and vests really isn’t that different from storing other clothing. However, there are a few unique steps to take to ensure your fur garments stay pristine and beautiful for years to come.

Use a cool and dark storage location

Natural fur can fade if exposed to direct sunlight and heat for long periods of time. Make sure your storage location is away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Pick the right hanger

Natural fur garments are typically heavier than your traditional peacoat or fleece vest. Using a wire or plastic hanger could cause the shoulders to stretch or lose shape. Use a sturdy wooden hanger made for broad shouldered garments to avoid this. You can also use a dress form; these can serve as a storage tool as well as a way to display your garments!

Keep it breezy

Natural fur loves air flow. In addition to using a cool and dark storage location, make sure there is enough room between garments for air to circulate and flow through the hide. Do not use plastic to cover the garment. This prohibits airflow and can cause the fur to dry out.

Avoid storage enhancements

We strongly recommend that you avoid using things like moth balls in your storage location. Moth balls, and products like them, can cause your garments to take on odors that can be hard to remove. The same goes for cedar wood blocks; while these smell wonderful, they can cause odors to seep into the fur. Additionally, cedar blocks can dry out the air in your storage location and potentially cause your fur to dry out.

How to Store Natural Fur Rugs and Hides

Buffalo Hide - Craft grade

Just like natural fur garments, fur rugs and hides are easy to store properly. Using these tips to store your favorite rug or hide will help make sure it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Clean First

Before you store your rug, give it a good shake to clean out any large particles and dust. If needed, you can gently brush out any tangles or matting with a wide-toothed wired brush. You can also use the hose of your vacuum to gently clean your rug. Don’t use any kind of attachments with beaters.

Keep it cool

Just like your natural fur garments, rugs and hides prefer cool and dark spaces. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and high heat; these can dry out the leather backing of your rug or hide and cause it to crack and dry out.

No plastic

If you take away one thing from this blog, it should be this – never use plastic wrapping or storage bins to store your natural fur. Plastic prevents airflow for your natural fur rug or hide. Overtime, this will cause the fur to dry out, become stiff, and crack the back lining. If you must wrap your rug or hide, use a breathable material such as a cotton sheet or canvas drop cloth.

Storing natural fur may seem overwhelming at first, but using our tips, you can tackle this process quickly and easily. If you have specific questions about storing your natural fur piece, contact us. Looking for more details on how to clean and care for your natural fur? Read our suggestions on caring for your natural fur here.

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