Merlin’s Hide Out is excited to announce their new partnership with Kirby Creek Tannery. After finding themselves working 24/7 for the last several years, Merlin and Barb knew something needed to shift.   


Today, they are excited to announce that Kirby Creek Tannery is leasing the tannery facilities. Under the guidance of Merlin, a master tanner with over 20 years experience, Mark and Liz are excited to continue the age-old tradition of tanning and preserving hides.

In 1999, Merlin and Barb established Merlin’s Hide Out as a full service tannery and hand tailored garment manufacturer, and proudly opened their retail location in 2005. Through the years, the pair have balanced the tanning side of the business with garment manufacturing and retail operations. 

As their bison hides, coats, and other fur accessories have grown in popularity, the day-to-day focus needed to shift. Leasing the tannery side of the business to the next generation of entrepreneurs will allow Merlin and Barb to meet the growing demand for custom pieces.  

We are honored that so many clients have chosen beautiful garments and home decor pieces that will last generations to come from Merlin’s Hide Out. We are excited to support Mark and Liz in this work and to focus more time on manufacturing and retail.

Merlin & Barb

For more information on Merlin’s Hide Out or Kirby Creek Tannery, please contact the following:

Merlin and Barb:

Mark and Liz Dean: [email protected]; 307-921-0867

3 thoughts on “Introducing Mark & Liz Dean: Continuing the Tradition of Tanning

  1. Marea Stone says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Several years ago I purchased a Buffalo hide as a Christmas present for my husband. It remains as one of his all time favorite gifts!!
    Then, a couple years later, we purchased a beaver hide for our son who is an Oregon State graduate- the Beavers. Another great gift!
    The quality has been outstanding!

    • Merlin's Hide Out says:

      Hi John, Thank you so much for your purchase! Hope you enjoy your skunk hides. Give us a call anytime. Thanks, Barb & Merlin

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