Here at Merlin’s Hide Out we’ve been committed to the tradition of handcrafted products since the very first pair of fur gaiters Merlin made in 1999. While the number of products we create has certainly changed, our handcrafted tradition has not. We take great pride in offering only the highest quality fur products, handcrafted with only materials produced in the USA.

What does Handcrafted Mean?

So what does it really mean when we say our products are handcrafted?

Every Step, Every Time

To us, handcrafted means we touch all parts of the process from beginning to end. We start by selecting the perfect hide for the project. Each of our natural fur products start from exceptional prime winter fur hides. This means we’re starting with the highest quality, naturally soft fur before a single piece is ever cut.

Once we’ve selected just the right hide (or hides), the handcrafted work truly begins. Most of our Buffalo Fur garments are custom made to fit your individual measurements and specifications. This means each Buffalo Fur Coat, Buffalo Fur Jacket, and Buffalo Fur Vest is unique.

There are no mass production lines at Merlin’s Hide Out – in fact, there is just one man and his sewing machine.

Product Excellence

Perhaps you have heard the statement that “master craftsmen don’t have to tell you they are masters – you can see it in their work.” At Merlin’s Hide Out, handcrafted also means creating a product of excellence. Our pieces aren’t excellent because we say they are; they are excellent because years of crafting experience are poured into each and every thing we create. We have over 20 years of experience crafting treasured natural fur products, and it shows in each and every piece.

Not Just About the Product

At the same time, Merlin’s Hide Out understands that the product isn’t everything. For us, handcrafting is an art and tradition. Part of our work is to keep this tradition alive and help others see the value in the art. Handcrafting is more than just working with your hands – it is also a way to work your mind creatively. There is something to be said from taking materials, combining them with a vision, and creating something entirely new with your own two hands. Additionally, our processes help us create a connection between the heritage of the past and with our experience of the present. It is much easier to understand your journey today if you understand the past. Without the knowledge and techniques passed from generation to generation, we wouldn’t be here today, creating treasures for generations to come. Supporting this art and tradition is who we are.

Thoughtful Living

Handcrafting is a way of life for us at Merlin’s Hide Out. In today’s hustle and bustle and “always on” culture, slowing down and focusing on the path as much as the journey is critical to living a deliberate life. The slow and steady pace of handcrafting reminds us to approach life in much the same way. We strive to be thoughtful, purposeful, and deliberate on our journey.

Craftsmanship Can’t Be Rushed

Every day we strive to be masters of the finest detail. We love our work, and we want our customers to treasure it as well. This means getting every detail right, and to do that takes time. True craftsmanship and handcrafting can not be rushed. Much like the Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady wins the race.

Worth The Wait. Guaranteed.

Every day we work to make sure the product that reaches your hands is exceptional and exceeds your expectations. This takes time; we’re straight shooters here at Merlin’s Hide Out, so be prepared to wait on average 6-8 weeks for your new favorite natural fur product. Sometimes, products can take longer to ensure that we have only the best materials on hand to create them.

Regardless of how long it takes for us to craft your product, it will be worth the wait. Guaranteed.

Why, you might ask? Because, for us, this is personal. Our art represents who we are, and what we hold valuable. That value is poured into everything we create, so that you can love it just as much. You won’t get that kind of care and detail from something mass produced with little to no care.

At Merlin’s Hide Out, handcrafted means more than made by hand. It means preserving and highlighting the techniques of the past, and using them to tell stories of the present. It means making careful and deliberate decisions in our work and in our life. And above all, it’s a promise of excellence, care, and high quality.

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  1. Shawn Curtis says:

    Hi Barb, my Buffalo handbags are still just as beautiful as when I first got them. They are so well made. Just as beautiful and still look brand new! I love them🦬🤎

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