When it comes to choosing the perfect accessory for your home, what do you think of? 

An elegant lamp, perhaps, or a tasteful piece of art. Even a new vintage side table or super comfortable chair.

When picking a new accessory for your home, your mind might not immediately jump to buffalo hide…but perhaps it should! Many people may not be aware of the many uses of animal hides around the home, or how beautiful and just downright cozy it can be.

Buffalo hides are so much more than leather goods! So, we wanted to fix this potential misconception by showcasing how buffalo and other animal hides can be the perfect accessory for your home environment. 

Read on, and discover everything you never knew you needed to know about buffalo hides…

How can you use a buffalo hide around the home?

Buffalo hide is incredibly versatile, and can be used for all manner of things around the home. Plenty of people will have seen (and envied) the buffalo fur coats in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and almost everyone is well aware how animal hides can be used in fashion. But you might not know quite how many ways it can be used around the home as well.


Buffalo hides make amazing rugs. They’re hardy enough to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, and there’s nothing like the feeling of prime winter fur between your toes to make wandering around your living room an incredibly cozy experience. 

Buffalo Rug

As a statement piece in the middle of your master suite or living room, a buffalo hide rug can make an incredible impact, and add a serious touch of warmth and class to any room.


Buffalo hides are amazingly warm too, and as such make excellent throw blankets, perfect for covering the back of a couch, spread over your king size bed, or for wrapping up warm on a cold night.


Buffalo fur and cowhide cushions and pillows make for great little rustic, comfy touches dotted around your home. As with almost every animal hide product, they combine a luxurious feel with hard-wearing durability. They’ll add style and comfort whether they’re scattered across your bed or propped up on an elegant leather armchair. 


Perhaps most interestingly and unexpectedly of all, buffalo hides can be used to make great, eye-catching pieces of art. From something as simple as a tanned hide wall hanging to something more dramatic

There’s no denying that artwork made from buffalo hide is always going to be a great conversation starter.

What makes a buffalo hide the perfect accessory?

Buffalo hides are durable and warm. It has a wealth of practical and aesthetic benefits, and it makes an unusual addition to any home. As well as being rather beautiful, and creating a warm, traditional atmosphere, buffalo fur rugs and other accessories have many advantages over contemporary soft furnishings.

Incredibly durable

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, one of the best things about buffalo hide accessories is how hard-wearing and durable they are. Far more so than traditional home accessories, you can throw a lot at a buffalo hide without worrying too much about wear and tear. If you treat a buffalo fur rug right, it’ll last you for years, if not for an entire lifetime.

Boys on buffalo hide

Luxurious and cozy

You might not immediately associate buffalo hide with luxury and coziness, but the prime winter fur of a superior grade buffalo hide is about as warm, soft, and comfortable as you can get. 

Whether as a rug between your toes, a cushion to rest your head on, or a blanket to wrap up warm at night in front of the TV, buffalo hide is the perfect comfort accessory.

Easy to maintain

Buffalo hide is incredibly easy to maintain, due to its hard-wearing and resistant nature. As mentioned above, buffalo fur doesn’t trap dust like normal soft furnishings. 

Cleaning a hide rug, for example, is an easy prospect. It just needs to be shaken out (outside!) once in a while and maybe given an occasional once-over with a vacuum cleaner. Not only that, but grime and stains are no big deal, and can be easily cleaned with a little warm water, vinegar, and a dry cloth.

When it comes to choosing the perfect accessory for your home, buffalo hide is a great place to start. Hardy, cozy, and incredibly impressive, it adds a unique feel to your home decor and one that will stand the test of time. If you’re inspired by the idea of adding a rustic touch to your home, check out some of the wonderful range at Merlin’s Hide Out. We’re certain we’ll have something that will catch your eye!

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  1. John Sanny says:

    I finally found the company that can help me obtain a coveted buffalo hide. I am looking for the largest size and the fluffiest thickest fur to replace a famous man-eating tigress pelt (with head), (9 ft in length) that we have had on our wall for 30 years. a 6.75 by 5.3 ft hide would be perfect. The tigress is going back to the original family. A buffalo hide in our family room would replace that treasured Bengal Tigress in the best way.

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