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My favorite question to answer is “how did it all start”. In the very beginning our business plan was to be a tannery. We were going to tan buffalo hides for retail and fill in with tanning for others. With in 3 months of us opening we turned away work.

That was over 15 years ago.

When Merlin had spare time, you could find him creating some sort of product for himself (hats, mittens gators etc.). When customers came to pick up there hides, they would see what Merlin had created for himself and ask if he would create a hat or mittens for them out of the hide he had just tanned.

And thus, the production department was born. With in a year we started to expand the product line of the Merlin’s Hide Out brand and opened a small retail space next to the tannery.

Today, the Merlin’s Hide Out brand product has shipped all over the world. Our buffalo fur coat remains our signature product. We continue to do all the production in house and every step of the detail is still either overseen or handcrafted by Merlin.

We believe in: