Whether you found Thermopolis, WY for the amazing Hot Springs State Park, or are looking for a place to stop on your way to Yellowstone National Park, Merlin’s Hide Out is a great place to visit. If you have ever wondered how buffalo hides are produced, are curious to see how buffalo coats are sewn, or simply want to shop for amazing handmade buffalo products, then stop by Merlin’s Hide Out. Located just off Wyoming Highway 20, the store and production studio is open to shoppers and visitors alike.

The Retail Store

Collage of images showing the Merlin's Hide Out showroom. Fur coats, hats, rugs, and more.

Stepping into Merlin’s Hide Out is a visual treat. The store’s warm wood walls, racks of buffalo hides, and displays of fur hats will make you feel right at home. In this space, visitors and shoppers can try on numerous styles of fur hats, fur vests, and buffalo leather gloves. A full assortment of hides are hanging in the store, including buffalo and fox. Be sure to check out the buffalo fur coat on display; these coats are handmade and tailored to your specific size measurements. Don’t forget to check out those coat buttons; each one is hand made!

The Work Zone

This part of the shop is where the magic happens! This work space was constructed specifically to support the workflow of Merlin and the crew.  As a hide makes it through the various steps of production – whether it’s soaking during the tanning process, on the drying racks, or in the tumblers – each task has a unique work area in the shop.

The Production Area

After a quick jaunt up the stairs (be sure to give Billy the Kid and Jesse James a quick pet on the way), visitors will be in the production area.

Merlin and Joy hard at work sewing. Hanging in the background are multiple furs.

If the work zone is where the magic happens, the production area is where all the details come together.  Here, buffalo hides are trimmed and packaged for shipping, buffalo mittens are sewn together, and every buffalo coat is cut to measure. While you may sometimes find Merlin tinkering on a sewing machine, some details are still hand sewn to ensure the best quality stitching.

Ready to Visit?

Visit our store information page to see our most up to date hours and contact information when you’re planning your visit to Merlin’s Hide Out. We can’t wait to see you soon! Billy’s waiting for you!

Billy the Kid (one of the shop puppies) lays on a buffalo rug next to a pattern cut out.
Images courtesy of Sprucely Designed

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Merlin’s Hide Out

  1. Nick says:

    Visited Cody and Yellowstone, took a short detour to Thermopolis from Cody because I heard about this place from a friend. Well worth the trip. Bought a few things, will buy more now that I know the quality is there.

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