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Bison Leather Gloves
Greg P. (Edmonds, US)
Very good quality gloves, definitely will buy again and recommend to friends

I want to get another beard gaiter as well, wondering if you ever have any stock that has a reddish tint to it, my friend is a wild redhead, this beard and gloves would be a great giveaway set I’d like to donate to her channel. She could have some fun with it. RedRider.BC. On YouTube
Peace to you and your families all.

Buffalo Beard
Josiah P. (Redding, US)
Make it yourself

I am satisfied with the quality of the hide itself, but for the quality of the banding, size, and durability, for the price, I could have made it better myself with a piece of scrap hide.

Buffalo Hide
Nicholas S.
Large buffalo hide

Very happy with purchase would definitely recommend that anyone thinking about buying a buffalo hide doso from Merlins.
Talked with them on phone amazing people.

Buffalo Fur Jacket
Matthew K. (Kansas City, US)
Buffalo coat

The finest quality i could have expected!

Bison Leather Gloves
Thomas A.N. (North Ridgeville, US)
2 XLarge Bison Gloves

I love them. I bought a Bison leather jacket in may and these gloves complement them perfectly.

Buffalo Hide
Howard S. (Morgantown, US)
Love It

We love it! It was just what we was looking for.

Extreme Gear Bison Gloves
Customer (Detroit, US)
Full satisfaction!

These gloves perform exactly as described. Very warm, soft, natural bison wool.

Racoon Pelt
Christian L.
Pro Grade Pelt

This Skin was Tanned perfectly to be bended, folded, rolled up, you named it. You can work it in any way. I made myself a Raccoon Hat with it. And I couldn’t be happier with it.
I can’t thank you guys enough for having such a professional grade Hide for sale and at such a price, all you need is to get yourself directions online or buy a pdf from someone on Etsy and the rest is up to you.
Once again, if you’re looking to make yourself a Raccoon Hat, you cannot go wrong with buying this Hide.

Skunk Pelt
Roger (Pittsburgh, US)
Skunk pelt

It’s such cute little pelt. I have it hanging from a large African drum for decoration.

Bison Leather Gloves
steve s. (Matteson, US)
Great gloves

Bought these for my wife. As listed they do run a little small, I’d suggest going 1 size bigger.

Buffalo Hide
Lawrence G. (Belfast, US)
Simple Words Aren't Enough to Express My Joy

Once I decided that the cold Maine winters justify purchasing a Buffalo Hide, I spent quite a bit of time investigating hides and the vendors who sell hides. My research resulted in just one source: Merlin's Hide Out. I read their webpage in detail, including every single review. I ended up buying a Large Buffalo Hide. The price was competitive but their reviews were far superior than those of other stores. The hide I now own is a prime winter fur, thick and substantial. Color ranges from black to browns to caramel.

Upon placing the order, I received email updates as it made its way to shipment. Barb answered any questions I had. I was provided a FedEx tracking number and it took only 6 days from rural Wyoming to rural Maine. The hides was well packaged. As others have noted, it does have a slight odor from the tanning process but it is quickly diminishing

I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend Merlin's Hide Out 100%.

Cowhide Rug
Patrick G. (Schuyler, US)
Beautiful Hides

I ordered 2 light brindle rugs, very pleased with quality and appearance.

Buffalo Hide
Kellie J. (Mechanicsburg, US)

Absolutely beautiful!

Buffalo Hide
Nick M. (Staten Island, US)
5 star all the way!

Ever since i was young I always wanted a Buffalo Hide. Now that i finally have one
I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This is definitely a top quality product.
The fact that I waited till I found Merlins Hide Out was well worth it. The hide is on top of my bed and i sleep under it like a baby every night!
Thank you Merlin & Barb

Awesome products and service

I purchased a buffalo rug while we were visiting their Wyoming store and also placed a special order for a buffalo coat. It was completed as promised and fits perfectly. What a wonderful couple that own and operate the business. If you're in the market for anything buffalo this is your one-stop shop.

Bison Leather Gloves
Murphy L. (Cookeville, US)

The grover are great good product

Toboggan Coyote Fur Hat
Customer (Washington, US)
Coyote fur tobggan

Absolutely love it super pleased buying the beaver hat next! Excellent craftsmanship on your end thank you.

Buffalo Hide
Christa D. (Boston, US)

I love my purchase bison hide ❤️‍🩹. Thank you for great service and sending it quickly and safely

Bison Leather Gloves
George B. (Denver, US)
Amazing gloves

Wonderful leather
Well made and comfortable

Buffalo Hide
Arthur L. (Weatherford, US)

We love the Buffalo hide that we got. It was all they said and more. Very happy. Thank you so much!!!

Bison Leather Gloves
Gary Y. (Kansas City, US)
Excellent Quality!

Very nice gloves evicted for cooler weather to wear the beard!

Buffalo Hide - Craft grade
Bambi G. (McAllister, US)
Very Pleased

Quality products! Great little company
Appreciate the helpful upbeat attitude
Thank you again

Buffalo Fur Trapper Hat
Charles H. (Lanesboro, US)
Love my Bison Hat!

We love fur hats. This is the best looking winter hat I own. Excited for snow to arrive so I can start wearing. Love the beaver lining.

Skunk Pelt
Colton N. (Memphis, US)

Excellent quality. Love the stripes.

Buffalo Hide
Tracy K. (Beloit, US)
Buffalo hide

It is nice and well done I will have it for ever everyone should have one I want to thank everyone that had a hand in making this beautiful piece I will keep doing business with you all. Thank everyone