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Buffalo Fur Coat
Pallavi R.
Love everything about the coat from the fit to the color. This is the next level.

Barb, can’t tell you how much I love this coat! It is so beautiful and made first class! You and Merlin are the best to deal with and so patient . Love everything about the coat from the fit to the color. This is the next level. This is the coat everyone else will compare theirs to but I will never compare this coat to any body else’s. If people want to have a first class bad boy ass coat they should just have you make it and be done! Please post this information on the your website and use me if anyone has any questions. I will tell them just do it and they will have no regrets !!! Robby Hackett TN 🤠👍🏻

Buffalo Fur Coat
Gerald D. (Chicago, US)
Amazing coat

Truly one of a kind. Very well made, beautiful buffalo coat. I could not be more pleased.

LOVE it!!! What a great work of art it is!

I received my Buffalo Fur Coat and LOVE it!!! What a great work of art it is! I am going to use it in a cattle ranch I have in Patagonia and I think it is my new favorite piece of clothing.

Buffalo Fur Jacket
Jason K. (West Yellowstone, US)
Perfect! Wow!

Wow! I really couldn’t be happier with my Buffalo Jacket. Barb, Merlin and company really made it happen for me with an amazing hide, design, customer service, and the fit is perfect. Barb’s communication with me me as we figured out the measurements and design to fit my needs for the jacket were greatly appreciated as this is a lifelong investment.

As a winter guide in Yellowstone, the jacket is going to see a lot of use and is already turning heads every time I wear it. Kudos to all involved.

Buffalo Hide
STEVE W. (Tallahassee, US)
Dang. Awesome.

Previously ordered a buffalo robe/rug on Amazon and had to send it back because it seemed possessed. Bad mojo. Smelled bad. Not tanned well. Fur felt fake. Hated it. My wife wouldn't let me keep it in the house.
Your's arrived and it feels wonderful. So well tanned and fur is super soft. It's vibe is very pleasing and like having a great pet. I talk to it. Need to name it. Love it. Well worth the investment. Cannot wait to put it in my new house. Thank you.

Buffalo Hide
Salty W.P.G. (Franklinton, US)
Best Buffalo Hide EVER!

I have wanted a buffalo hide for many years and have seen a lot of buffalo hides in person I felt were worth the price they wanted. I saw a review photo on Merlin's Hideout's website and took a chance and I am so glad I did!

The hide shipped quickly and the size and quality of the tanning and the hair is absolutely superior! The hide did stink strongly for a good week (enough to give me amd other household members headaches). But otherwise the hide is a dream come true for me in quality and size. Well worth every cent! Photo of buffalo hide on a California king sized bed

Buffalo Fur Coat
Steven B. (Aurora, US)

Made very will, fits perfectly, warm as hell. Lots to Love. Thanks Barb and crew

Buffalo Fur Coat
Robbin B. (Madoc, CA)
Buffalo coat

I am just gobsmacked. If I was anymore elated I would be arrested. This coat was the best thing I bought myself ever. Thank you so much. Best regards, Robbin

Buffalo Hide
Matthew G. (Redmond, US)

Wanted a buffalo hide for the longest time, and I have to say, this does not disappoint. You can tell that every care was taken in producing the hide, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Well worth the money for the years to come with it.

Bison Leather Gloves
Ryan W. (Efland, US)
Awesome gloves for the price

These gloves feel great on the hand. The bison leather is top notch, with a pebbled top side, and a finer grain on the underside. My hands have yet to feel cold, but I haven't put them to the test in weather below freezing. My only complaint is some stitching issues; There are 2 holes in the right glove near the inner base of the thumb on the underside. The decorative stitching on the top side was missing some stitches, but not noticeable at a glance. There was also some loose threads near the cuff. Without those defects, I'd give these gloves 5 stars. I pondered returning them, but they fit PERFECTLY and would hate to trade these for a perfect looking pair that doesn't fit right. Similar to another review, these fit smaller than big-box brands, so the L fits more like a bigger medium. For me, that's perfect. You won't find another pair of high quality bison leather gloves for this price point.

Buffalo Hide
Patrick P. (Morgantown, US)
High quality product

Fur was very well taken care of and product was delivered on date that was promised. Slept under my buffalo robe and didn’t move all night. It’s literally the original weighted blanket. The robe weighs roughly 25lbs. Very happy with my purchase.

Buffalo Beard
Mike (Richardson, US)
Great Product

I originally purchased the Buffalo Beard as a joke to show my brother-in-law what a REAL beard looks like, but once I put it on I was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship. Very warm. Can't wait to take it skiing!

Buffalo Beard
Mike H. (Aurora, US)
Bison beard

We got 2 bison beards for riding our side by sides. They keep our faces warm and make heads turn. We recommend them for warmth and fun.

I received my buffalo fur hat this week and have had a couple mornings cold enough to wear it. Unbelievably warm and comfortable. The hair on my hat is much longer than pictured and the inside of the ear flaps are sheared which is very soft. The only change I made was I trimmed back some of the hairs that were hanging down in my line of sight. Thanks for a great product.

These gloves are fantastic. Best work gloves ever. Tough as nails but super comfortable. They look so good almost hate to put them to work, but they look just as good after a hard job. I bought seven pairs for the family and plan on buying more because they are worth twice the price. Also, the customer service is outstanding.
Thanks Merlin!
Nick Lepora

I received my Buffalo Gloves and they are great! Good looking, Sturdy! Warm.
Except they are a bit snug. (2XL Size)
Is there a leather softener, safe to use, available that might get me a little more room for my hands?
Please advise.
Thanks in advance!
Pete von Holtum

Buffalo Fur Jacket
Ron F. (San Francisco, US)
Merlins 2nd to none

My new Jacket is a work of Art!!!

Buffalo Beard
Jaclyn B. (Rock Springs, US)

Beautiful work! My husband loves it and uses it regularly, thank you so much! Also made it in time for Christmas, thank you again!

Buffalo Fur Coat
Wesley (Sherman, US)
Flawless experience & top notch products!!!

First things first, Barb and the gang there at Merlin’s Hide Out are exemplary when it comes to customer service! They are very polite, involved, informative, helpful, and prompt. I ordered two Buffalo fur coats, one adult size for myself and (a Merlin’s Hide Out first) another sized WAY down for my 2 year old boy! Following my inquiry about having such a small coat made, Barb got right back to me that they’d make it happen. You know the team there is paying attention because if measurements you provide just don’t seem right, they’ll be contacting you right away to verify so things are done right. Needless to say, as fashioning my son’s little coat was a first for them, Barb and I spoke several times about the fit/sizing, etc. She actually suggested designing the coat in such a way that the sleeves and overall length could be “let out”, so to speak, as my son grows. I requested the use of comfortable snaps/buttons so I could adjust the coat myself rather than needing to have hem lines professionally altered. Barb suggesting to make the coat able grow with my son was a GREAT idea and having received the coat, it’s obvious this will fit him for several years easily! I absolutely love my coat, as I knew I would, but I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with the small fur coat!! These are truly unique coats of excellent quality and I could not be happier with the entire experience. If you are into this style and are looking for such a coat, look no further. If you are reading this review, stop shopping around, you’ve found the best Buffalo fur garments out there; you will not be disappointed. (I will edit this to include pics soon.)

These socks are Heavenly!!

I purchased the gloves and the socks. The gloves are a gift and I really haven’t checked them out. The bison wool socks are the best ever. So warm and soft. Padded in all the write places. My favorite! I hate to take them off. NOTE: SIZE. I wear a ladies 7.5-8 size shoe. The medium size fits me perfect.

More than expected

High quality, very heat retentive fur. Great for winter naps.

Buffalo Fur Trapper Hat
Craig (Morrison, US)
Buffalo fur trapper hat

This is my hat of choice for coyote hunting in cold weather! Very well made. Definitely saving for a coat!

Bison Leather Gloves
Pete v. (Plains, US)
Great Gloves!

I purchased a pair of these gloves for myself about a year ago, and presented a pair as a gift to one of my brothers. He loves them! We all appreciate American Made, Western Made, Traditional Materials, Old World Quality, so much that another one of my brothers saw them and recently placed an order! Beautiful! Happy Holidays!

Hi Barb: Just received my gators. They are incredible just love them. Fit good . Your quality & hand work are second to none. Have a rendezvous in a couple of weeks & cant wait to wear them. Thank you for delivery in a timely manner, thought it would be longer. I think I will be back up there sometime this fall, & will stop in and get measured for a coat. Really impressed with your products. I thank all of you.  See ya soon . 

Buffalo Hide - Craft grade
Erik H. (Fond du Lac, US)
My first Buffalo robe / crafty item

I really like it and have it on my bed. The only thing wrong with it, there is a "Factory Smell" to it and I had to "AIR" it out for a few days.