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LOVE it!!! What a great work of art it is!

I received my Buffalo Fur Coat and LOVE it!!! What a great work of art it is! I am going to use it in a cattle ranch I have in Patagonia and I think it is my new favorite piece of clothing.

Love everything about the coat from the fit to the color. This is the next level.

Barb, can’t tell you how much I love this coat! It is so beautiful and made first class! You and Merlin are the best to deal with and so patient . Love everything about the coat from the fit to the color. This is the next level. This is the coat everyone else will compare theirs to but I will never compare this coat to any body else’s. If people want to have a first class bad boy ass coat they should just have you make it and be done! Please post this information on the your website and use me if anyone has any questions. I will tell them just do it and they will have no regrets !!! Robby Hackett TN 🤠👍🏻

Amazing coat

Truly one of a kind. Very well made, beautiful buffalo coat. I could not be more pleased.

I received my Buffalo Gloves and they are great! Good looking, Sturdy! Warm.
Except they are a bit snug. (2XL Size)
Is there a leather softener, safe to use, available that might get me a little more room for my hands?
Please advise.
Thanks in advance!
Pete von Holtum

Hopeful it is as good as the website suggests

its a Christmas gift. I have not opened it yet.

Great Gloves!

I purchased a pair of these gloves for myself about a year ago, and presented a pair as a gift to one of my brothers. He loves them! We all appreciate American Made, Western Made, Traditional Materials, Old World Quality, so much that another one of my brothers saw them and recently placed an order! Beautiful! Happy Holidays!

I bought this for my mother. She loves it!

Where have you been!

Thrilled I found you all on the web! Speaking to Merlin on the phone I knew I found the right shop to buy and make the investment in a buffalo hide! Looks awesome in our cabin in Virginia. Perfect size, and the quality is first class. Service and delivery, fast and efficient.

Absolutlely Perfect Hat - Fit, Warmth, Design, and Quality

This hat has no match. It is literally perfect in every way. Keeps you warm in a unique style. Well worth the money. Thank you!

Wonderful product! Funny & practical.

Awesome gloves for the price

These gloves feel great on the hand. The bison leather is top notch, with a pebbled top side, and a finer grain on the underside. My hands have yet to feel cold, but I haven't put them to the test in weather below freezing. My only complaint is some stitching issues; There are 2 holes in the right glove near the inner base of the thumb on the underside. The decorative stitching on the top side was missing some stitches, but not noticeable at a glance. There was also some loose threads near the cuff. Without those defects, I'd give these gloves 5 stars. I pondered returning them, but they fit PERFECTLY and would hate to trade these for a perfect looking pair that doesn't fit right. Similar to another review, these fit smaller than big-box brands, so the L fits more like a bigger medium. For me, that's perfect. You won't find another pair of high quality bison leather gloves for this price point.

Wonderful rug

Perfect rug. Must be 10” thick at the spine.

I received my buffalo fur hat this week and have had a couple mornings cold enough to wear it. Unbelievably warm and comfortable. The hair on my hat is much longer than pictured and the inside of the ear flaps are sheared which is very soft. The only change I made was I trimmed back some of the hairs that were hanging down in my line of sight. Thanks for a great product.

These gloves are fantastic. Best work gloves ever. Tough as nails but super comfortable. They look so good almost hate to put them to work, but they look just as good after a hard job. I bought seven pairs for the family and plan on buying more because they are worth twice the price. Also, the customer service is outstanding.
Thanks Merlin!
Nick Lepora

Phenomenal hide. Great colors and diverse fur textures and lengths. Very soft. Received the robe a few days ago and airing it out currently, very excited about this addition.

I purchased this product for a friend who is becoming chair ridden and seeking some comfort especially on cool mornings. It resides on her ottoman and when her feet get cold she puts them beneath it to warm them. She loves the appearance and feel. I have received great support for Merlin's on purchases, this is my second, and look forward to making some more.

I love the Hat also I have a large buffalo robe, which is wonderful. Was a hunter-trapper in my younger years out of Arizona now leaving back on the East Coast, CT. These articles keep memories of my younger years with me. Look forward to acquiring other products

This item is expertly crafted and very warm! The prime beaver fur is a very efficient insulator. A lovely compliment to beaver fur mittens if you can get 'em! Special thanks to Barb for her communication and help!

we heard about this from a friend who works in costuming for opera and my husband thought it would be fun. I got it for him for Christmas and he loves it. He works outside in the cold and plans to wear it for fun and for warmth. the one we received was even more beautiful than this had a lovely swirl pattern and is very high quality and soft. we think this is a very good value. thank you.

Thanks for the buffalo rug. It's fantastic.

The buffalo robe arrived last Thursday in fine condition and we are enjoying it

The hide is beautiful thank you so much

hi barb, got the buffalo hat, looks and feels great! thank you, will duel

Hey barb, the hide looks fantastic, I love the color, the shape, the size of the one you picked. Thank you so very much for all your help.

I did receive the buffalo hide last Wednesday.  It is beautiful!  It is a birthday present for my husband so hopefully, he loves it too.