Buffalo Beard


Our Buffalo Beards are a perfect for the young at heart. Constructed from real buffalo fur they can transform anybody into to somebody. These were originally made just for fun but our customers who ride motorcycles and snowmobiles have found that there is a practical side to them also. Each beard is unique and varies in color from black to different tones of brown. There are 2 elastic straps: one that goes behind your neck and one that goes over the crown of your head.


Images presented are informational only. Colors and pattern of actual product may vary.

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Written by christina on Dec 27th 2017

buffalo beard

we heard about this from a friend who works in costuming for opera and my husband thought it would be fun. I got it for him for Christmas and he loves it. He works outside in the cold and plans to wear it for fun and for warmth. the one we received was even more beautiful than this one...it had a lovely swirl pattern and is very high quality and soft. we think this is a very good value. thank you.