Buffalo Hide


A uniquely American tradition, tanned buffalo hides have been used to warm and decorate homes for thousands of years. During the winter the buffalo’s hide is at its densest and most lustrous and make for the best hides.

Merlin’s Hide Out is a world leader in the tanning and preparation of buffalo hides. Our winter buffalo hides display a range of rich and deep hues, from dark coffee brown to golden caramel. The fur is soft and thick, making it ideal as rug or throw to chase away the cold. Next to the hearth, for the bed or on the back of a chair, Merlin’s Hide Out buffalo hides add texture and warmth to any room.

Hides are trimmed and sewn for clean, continuous fur and edges but retain their individual character and natural imperfections. No artificial dyes are used so each robe has its own distinct pattern and coloration. Merlin’s Hide Out buffalo hides are prepared using sustainable tanning methods that avoid harsh, toxic chemicals while honoring the long, storied tradition of the North American buffalo hide.


Large Size: Superior Quality - 5.5’ wide by 6.75’ long

Medium Size: Superior Quality - 5’ wide by 6’ long

Craft Grade: These buffalo hides have not made our Superior Grade. They are subject to visible blemishes, scarring, missing hair and/or holes. They come in varying sizes. These hides are excellent for crafts.


Images presented are informational only. Colors and pattern of actual product may vary.

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