Greetings from the headquarters of Merlin’s Hide Out (MHO)!  This is funny in itself as we only have one location – but it sounds so worldly 🙂

It is a beautiful morning, and I am trying my best to put into words how we are feeling about the situation that we and everyone else has found themselves in with the developments over the past several weeks. We find ourselves navigating the unknown, which is quite possibly the scariest part. It has made us slow down, take a breath and value what we have.  We have amazing family, friends and customers that support us. People all around the world care about us and what we are doing right now. That is a GIFT we cherish, and no virus can take away.

What’s Happening Around the Shop?

Merlin working at the sewing machine

So as you can see, Merlin is hard at work. We have quite a few custom orders to finish, and then we will change to creating more back stock for the website and showroom. We are committed to quality craftsmanship, no matter what time that takes. Rest assured, when you receive one of our handcrafted products you have received a piece of our heart.

Thank you!!

Wash your hands funny image with LEGO figurine washing its hands in a washing machine.

A huge shout-out to those on the front lines! You are our heroes! Just know we here at Merlin’s think you all are amazing. During this delicate time in our world we wanted you to know we are thinking of you. We welcome all perspectives, comments & questions either by email or phone. Have something we made for you that you love? Send us a picture! Have a good story about an item you purchased that brings you comfort during this time? Let us know!

And, Know we are here for you during this time.

Naming Our New Mascot


Guess what!? It looks like we’ve come up with the perfect mascot to put on Merlin’s T-shirts and hats. But, the poor guy doesn’t have a name! Can you help us in coming up with a name and some cute captions for our t-shirts? If we choose one of your captions, you will receive a FREE t-shirt with your caption on it! It can be silly or serious; most of all we just want it to be FUN! You can email your suggestions to: [email protected]  You can also see what others might say when we post this on social media in a few days as well. 🙂

May you and yours stay healthy,
Merlin, Barb and the team

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