Jackson Crawford met Merlin and Barb in 2014 when he was working at a museum in nearby Riverton, Wyoming. In the years since, changing jobs have kept him moving around the country, but he’s always had a special place in his heart for central Wyoming and keeps coming back to check on the buffalo and Merlin’s Hide Out in Thermopolis.


Like many people these days, Jackson pursues a variety of different income streams to patch together a living, and he’s found unusual success with his Youtube channel (see https://www.youtube.com/c/JacksonCrawford/), where he shares his expertise on Norse mythology and historical languages with an audience wild for everything Viking.


But Jackson also loves to show off his Rocky Mountain homeland, and has become noted for setting his videos in the great outdoors of Wyoming and Colorado. In weekend videos, he often talks about his favorite places, and one of those videos has featured Thermopolis, with a special focus on Merlin’s Hide-Out.

Jackson is in Thermopolis all the time and often comes by to hang out with Merlin and Barb at the Hide Out. Stop by on your next trip through central Wyoming and maybe you’ll have a chance to ask a question about your favorite Norse god, or maybe just chat about competitive pistol-shooting or some favorite little-known spots in Wyoming!


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