A friend of the Hide Out wears a Fox Fur hat on the Oregon coastline.
A friend of Merlin’s Hide Out wears a Fox Fur Trapper hat on the Oregon coastline.
Credit: Josiah Roe

A grey sky kept the light of the sun from reaching the rocky ground. The bitter spray of the sea hit her face, droplets of cold that added to the bite of the wind. It’s easy to forget how cold the waterfront can get when it’s not the middle of summer. She looked around at the others on the trip, all wearing toboggans. Reaching up, she adjusted the fur hat, making sure it completely covered her ears. Her hand moved to cover her face and she breathed out, letting the warm breath flow backwards and sink into the warm fur.

She stood out among her friends. Her hair seemed to flow into the tan fur of the hat, the colors blending together even as they stood out against the backdrop of the ocean. Everyone else wore clothing that could be found in any store, worn on every street. But what’s the point of going on an adventure if you’re going to look exactly the same as everyone else around you? If you can’t wear something that expresses who you are?

That’s what authentic fur products can do for you. They make you stand out, even as they bring an outfit, or even an entire room, together. A fur hat can be the defining item in an outfit. A fur rug can sit in the middle of the room as a beautiful cornerstone of your decor. Smaller fur hides can be hung on the wall along with pictures and artwork. And every piece is as unique as the person who owns it.

Fur apparel

The mountain man hat is immediately recognizable in American fashion. It can look ostentatious: a large, furry hat on top of someone that overshadows everything else in the room. Or it can add that rugged edge to a look that evokes the ideal of the mountain man the name comes from.

But fur apparel goes far beyond that. You can get socks that will keep your feet dry and warm even in the pouring rain. A fur vest is light enough to stay mobile, but warm enough to wear outside during the winter. But if you really want to stay warm, a fur coat will do that in even the coldest of conditions.

Fur rugs

What person hasn’t seen an image of a huge, beautiful rug in the middle of an office? They can be found in so many movies that they immediately bring to mind the feeling of rugged elegance. Even a hardwood floor can’t compare to the unique throw or rug that serves as the singular piece that ties together an otherwise eclectic set of decor. They’re soft and luxurious, perfect to walk across barefoot or for the kids to lay down and play on.

Fur blankets

A luxury fur blanket can give you that feeling of being a rugged mountain man from the comfort of your own bed. You can’t match the rustic chic of a fur blanket, nor the exquisite warmth that comes from resting within a cozy nest of fur. If you want the perfect mixture of elegance, comfort, and that warm feeling of a cozy bed, you can’t go wrong with a fur blanket.

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    • Merlin's Hide Out says:

      Hi David,

      Yes, we can use customer’s hides to make rugs or coats. There are many factors involved such as the condition and quality of the hides. The best way to proceed is to give us a call during business hours at 855-826-2833.


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