Every buffalo hide we choose has its own story; the natural differences found in the brands, rub marks, and scars are unique to each animal. We are often asked the best practices for caring for these one of a kind pieces. It’s easy, we promise! Here are some product care tips and tricks to ensure that your buffalo hide maintains all the uniqueness and elements that you love.

Storing Your Hide

We recommend keeping your hide outside of direct sunlight. Too much sun can damage or discolor the hair. The hide should be kept loose – compressing the piece could also cause damage. Never use plastic containers to store your hide — these can cause the hide to sweat itself and ruin the hide.

Cleaning and Care

Your hide is made for everyday use. If your piece takes a spill, spot clean as much of the liquid as you can. Then, simply use a clean damp cloth to blot the area. Cleaning solutions are too harsh for the fur, so avoid using them or saturating the piece in water. If your hide becomes matted, a heavy metal comb can be used to brush it out. We recommend a Scotch Comb for this.

If you are using your hide as a rug, we recommend vacuuming at least once a week. To avoid getting the hair tangled, we typically use the vacuum hose instead of the vacuum brush. If you prefer your hide as a wall hanging, bedspread, wrap, or throw, vacuum as needed.

What to Avoid

Your buffalo hide will naturally absorb odors or dyes. Due to this, we recommend that you avoid using insecticides, moth proofing, or other chemicals around your hide. Consider also limiting the use of perfumes or sprays around your hide. Many sprays and perfumes contain alcohol, which can also cause drying.

Need help from a Pro?

These small steps will help ensure that your buffalo piece will last for generations. If your hide needs a deeper clean, we offer lifetime cleaning for Merlin’s Hide Out customers. You can send us your hide for a professional in-house cleaning. Reach out to us to request this service!

2 thoughts on “Caring for Natural Buffalo Hides

  1. Linda Russell says:

    Thanks for being so wonderful to Isaac and Rebekah on their recent trip. They had a great time and Steve and I enjoyed all the photos. You live in a beautiful part of America. And you both seem like great folks! The items we ordered from you are of great quality and are unique! God bless you both!❤️🙏


    hello, BARB this is CINDY ROAN EAGLE I bought my buffalo robe a few years back it’s a craft grade hide but I love it I use it as a blanket and a wrap I want to thank you for letting me make payments it still looks great since the day I bought it.

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