Buffalo Fur Coat


Prepare yourself for the elements in a big way!  Our long buffalo fur coats are absolutely one-of-a-kind and in such high demand that we can't even keep these real fur coats in stock! Leather hook-and-loop closures with elk horn buttons seal the coat, with an ample collar for maximum warmth. 

Each coat is handmade, cut to size from two complete buffalo hides and no two coats are alike. They are truly one of a kind men's fur coats. Contact us for custom orders at 1-855-826-2833.


Our full-length Buffalo Fur Coats are so popular that one found its way to Hollywood! Our Buffalo Fur Coats were featured in The Hateful Eight!




Other Details
product.width 10.00
product.height 10.00
product.depth 10.00


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